Success Stories

We have heavily modified a CIS and Billing Application widely used by Canadian and US Utilities for their Electric, Gas, Sewer, Water, Garbage, etc.

We have contributed towards all the essential components of an SDLC from the stand point of Inception, Architecture, Design, Development, Implementation and Production Support of CIS Application to satisfy ever changing utility business.

Our team has successfully delivered several following functionalities and seamlessly integrated these into the code CIS Application.

Functional Contributions

Master-Sub Redesign and make service ownership A/R responsibility clearer

  • Automatic A/R Transfer
  • Multi Agency / Bank Payment Processing

Predictive Screen Pops

  • Plug-ins were designed so that the application could work with external IVR systems and anticipate customers desires and launch relative forms for CSRs.

Assets Securitization

  • Application was modified and redesigned to produce reports specifically required by the financial institutions for loan grants depending upon the Overall health of the assets owned by a utility by their technology and service age, and Overall financial habits and financial health of the customer base.

Advance Billing

  • Product was redesigned to be able to bill certain services in advance and keep track anniversary dates.

Weather Zone dependant Street Light Billing

  • Optional depending upon weather zone and daylight averages and prorate these to produce equal amount bills for municipalities.

Paperless Billing

Time of Use / Floating Price Charge Calculator

Bundling of charges and applicable Taxes

  • This modification was introduced to bundle Charge and applicable Tax records to optimize infrastructure and help CSRs work with customers efficiently to explain their utility bill.

Random Issues

  • Penny Rounding Issues
  • Loan / Interest Calculations
  • Single and Multi-Period Cancel and Re-bill

Technical Contributions

Table Partitioning based on Aging of A/R.

Parallel Processing

  • Parent Child
  • Multi-Threading
  • Parallel Queries

Production Support

  • Application
  • Database
  • Environment
  • Training
  • Support Repository
  • Data Cleanup

Application / Database Upgrade / Data Migration

Network Optimization

  • Database SQL*Net
  • Network Latency
  • Throughput

Code De-Fragmentation and Synchronous Processing

  • roduct had several modules doing the same work in their own way. This resulted in thick client type processing and causing a maintenance nightmare. Any simple modification or defect would involve modifications to several forms, processes and reports.
  • We have removed similar processing from all the possible modules and created central libraries and package. This significantly improved the turnaround time for defect or change control / management.

Re-Architecture A/R Reports

  • Most of the inherent A/R reports would take awful amount of time to complete and it was virtually impossible to complete the batch within the time a day would hold.
  • Several check points were designed to remove data for reports from the Production Systems to minimize off-line time and enhance Application’s availability to CSRs for customer service.

Data Migration

Bundling of charges and applicable Taxes

This modification was introduced to bundle Charge and applicable Tax records to optimize

  • Performance of CIS Application
  • Control Database Growth
  • Infrastructure Investment

Data Conversion

  • Converted data for a sizable mid-western Canadian utility having a spectrum of multiple regulated and de-regulated services, e.g., electric, gas, water, sewer, etc.
  • Converted Data for a Utility servicing west coast communities in Canada.

Code Merging for Major Releases

Batch Stabilization

  • Redesign several Batch Critical Processes and made these restart-able in case things go wrong. This helped eliminate data corruption and added confidence to Production Support Staff.
  • Added checks and balances during the batch run – to make a point in time recovery an option.

Resolved random inherent technical issues with CIS Application like

  • Null Pointer
  • Single Row Processing
  • Security Issues -Username and Password visibility in the OS Files or Application Logs

Sales Contributions

Support Sale Presentations

Review Client Requirements and Map Application Features to it