Our Services

Trenlogic Integrated Enterprise Solutions (IES) enable companies to integrat critical business functions and deliver information-both within an organization and throughout its value chain to increase shareholder value, create competitive advantages and build a truly Extended Enterprise.

What does that mean? It means that for the last 12 years, we have helped the utility companies increase profitability from both the top and bottom lines. We do this by simplifying their business processes and technology infrastructure with customized solutions using appropriate tools and reliable delivery strategy.

At Trenlogic, our Consultants are certified professionals and will be able to resolve complicated situations ranging from project inception to implementations and the optimization of system, application and resource usage to introduce efficiencies

Trenlogic provides a full range of the following ITO and BPO services and tools to address unique and diversified requirements of our clients. Please click on the to see the details of our services in these areas:


Quality Assurance and Testing – Process Optimization and Automation:

Service Highlights

  • Specialize in providing highly mature, efficient and effective End to End Software Quality Assurance
  • Render phenomenal cost and time savings by highly leveraging Tools/Technology/Statistical techniques and minimizing manual labor
  • Time to market advantage through an Agile and Reliable 7×24 QA operation
  • Strong drive towards minimal/zero post production defects through defect containment/prevention and early defect detection measures
  • Powerful usage of white-box testing approach to provide additional value to the development teams
  • Highly Maximize ROI through new paradigm of Automation
  • Deliver continuous improvement and cost savings through a consistent and repeatable process based on Statistics/Metrics and minimize dependency on people
  • QA Transformational services from the current state to a highly mature Tools and Technology reliant 7×24 operation yielding up to 50% cost savings and 70% cycle time reduction
  • Establish and implement cutting edge QA CoE(Center of Excellence) across the enterprise

Application Development – Full SDLC Support:

Service Highlights

  • Development centers spread across the US and internationally (off-shore and near-shore)
  • Top talent with in-depth expertise in relevant domains
  • Coding-for-performance from the get go
  • Rapid development and high productivity by deeply leveraging Tools and Technology
  • Best in class record of ahead/on time and within budget delivery
  • High quality deliverables with minimal post production defects
  • Time to market advantage at a significantly optimized and reduced cost
  • Build software through structured and streamlined framework based on extremely strong Software Engineering and Six Sigma methodologies
  • The whole SDLC is driven based on statistics/metrics and defect prevention measures

Bundling Discount – Products:

Rules Based Processing

  • Multi Product Discounts
  • Referral Discounts
  • Volume Discounts
  • Promotional Discounts
  • Other Discounts

User Friendly

  • Harmoniously works with a CIS Product of choice by a Utility without any modifications to the CIS Product.

Batch Move- Self Service:

Rules Based Processing

Move-In Rules

  • Creation of new Accounts
  • Optional Setup Fees and Deposits
  • Multiple Applicant Support
  • Support for Billing and E-Mail Address Setup
  • Owner / Tenant Relationship Management
  • Optional Budget Setup

Move-Out Rules

  • Finalization of the Account and Estimation of Final Billed Amount
  • Support for Billing and E-Mail Address Change
  • Closing of A/R, Deposits, Loans, Payment Arrangements, Interest Calculations

Account Transfer Rules

  • Change of Billing Options
  • A/R Transfer Options
  • Transfer of Pre-Authorized Setup to New Account
  • Optional Cancellation of In-Processing Bank Drafts
  • Optional Budget Setup
  • Optional Transfer of Inherited Promotions, Contracts and Plans

User Friendly

  • Minimal or no modifications required to existing CIS in use

Executive Dashboard:

Daily / Weekly / Monthly Summaries and Graphs for

  • Payments and Payment Cancellations
  • Charges and Adjustments
  • Consumptions and Adjustments
  • Total Number of Accounts by Status
  • Total Number of Services by Status
  • Bad Debt Numbers
  • Current Promotions
  • Processing Exceptions (Meter Reading, Charge Calculation, Bill Print)

Web Portal – CSR / Customers:

View / Update Account Information

  • Email address
  • Bank Draft
  • Paper, Electronic Billing Options
  • Home, Cell Phone Numbers
  • Billing Address

View Historical and Consumption Data

  • Meter Reading, energy Consumptions, and associated notes
  • Optionally Display of the Meter Image installed on a service premises
  • Optionally allow customer to enter meter current meter reading
  • Optionally allow customer to add notes, instructions and cautions for meter readers
  • View Current and Historical Bills
  • View Historical Charges and Payments
  • Optional display of bill / consumption comparisons and graphs
  • Optional Bookings and Cancellations of
    • Service and field orders appointments
    • Time Slot Bookings
    • Enter / Update associated instructions and notes

dETL – Data Extract Transfer and Load:

Data Management

  • Extract
  • Archive, Catalogue and Retrieval
  • Transform, Convert, Replicate
  • Validate, Process, Cleanup

Slice and Dice – Scenario Based Requirements

  • Business Change
  • Product Defect
  • Data Corruption
  • What-If Testing
  • Rules and Validation Data
  • Specific Accounts based on
    • Status
    • Billing Cycle
    • Credit Rating
    • Service and Rate Types
    • Geographical Area
    • Customer Demography
    • Customized Combinations

Upload Options

  • Refresh All
  • Append Data
  • Inherit Keys
  • Regenerate Keys
  • Maintain Data Integrity by re-seq