Data Management Application

This is an enterprise level tool to migrate, convert, archive or upload data from a source instance/location to another instance/location. This application allows users to define mapping rules, set data filters, and automate conversion processing. It helps in performing follwing data management functions:

  • Archives data into a data repository
  • Transforms, formats and replicates data or data subsets for testing and training
  • Translate, migrate or convert data from one application to another
  • Provides functions for data checking, rule based cleanup and validation

Whether you’re looking to manage database growth, improve performance, reduce response time, contain maintenance overheads or creating support environments, this tool can help you achieve the following benefits:

  • Reduce operating and infra-structure costs
  • Contain database size and growth
  • Improve application response and user experience
  • Optimize use of hardware and software resources
  • Increase staff productivity
  • Manipulate data to help in analyzing and forecasting

Data Archive Purge Application

The constant rate of growth in today’s application data is threatening to overwhelm companies that have not planned or implemented a comprehensive Enterprise Data Management Strategy. Constantly growing data not only impedes the user’s ability to mine data for useful information, it also creates an un-necessary burden on systems resources.

Data Archive Purge Application is a rule based application that allows our customers to archive the older data and optionally remove it from their system to improve systems performance and reduce storage requirements.

Smart Sales

We have designed and developed state of the art retail applications that handle purchases, sales, inventory management and financial reports for a small to medium size retail operations.